Guatemala – El Principio

I’ve arrived. No thanks to the Steven King-esque fog/mist that was enveloping Guatemala airport, and the stomach-churning turbulence during both of our landing attempts. (The first one was aborted when we broke through the fog and realized we were already at building-level and were going to overshoot the runway. Yeah….. not fun.)

Spent the night at a Dutch-run hostel in a gated, guarded, razor wired community by the airport, and this morning moved to an Australian/Guatemalan hostel in Zona Viva, more in the heart of the city. Most of my time today was spent calling banks (I forgot to tell them I was traveling :/ ) and looking for a small wallet to carry un poco de dinero so I still have a backup if I have to give one up.

I can already tell food will be a challenge (breakfast was beans and a roll, and lunch was bbq chips and dried apple) but I’m hoping to learn enough Spanish to ask what things are and order some basic items.


So far I’ve opted not to travel around with my camera, but I did manage to capture the contrast in my transportation between day one and day two. Gotta say, I’m definitely not missing the snow so far!


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