Jaffa, Israel

We went out dancing last night, and getting up at 8am today was tough. But our walk to and time spent in Jaffa (Yaffo), south of Tel Aviv, was well worth it.

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  1. Great photos! Have you started working yet? Do you like it so far? I love the casual dress and laid back life style that many of the Israelis live…

    Have a great time and get a job when it’s all done, ha!! I know you will do great. jack


    1. Thanks, Jack!

      Work starts Tuesday. Today is a free day since it’s Shabbat, but tomorrow is a volunteer day (I’ll be at the ASPCA) and Monday I’m going to a tech conference herr in Tel Aviv.

      I like Tel Aviv a lot so far. It’s pretty brutally hot here, but the beach is 10 minutes away and the sky is clear and beautiful every day. It’s a super easy city to navigate by bike (i am NOT riding on the sidewalk like everyone else here seems to) and I’ve already gotten a membership to one of the local rock climbing gyms.


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