Thoughts On Travel in Egypt

I subscribed to a lot of travel sites while preparing for my trip. And while it’s going to be a few years before I can go on another, I still find myself browsing the sites, getting particularly excited when I read posts about places I’ve been. Today I came upon an article outlining the author’s […]


Goodbye Egypt!

Egypt is over. Tomorrow morning I board a plane via Abu Dhabi to Bangkok. I have a few more things to post from here, but as far as travels go Egypt is now complete. It will be sad saying bye to Karol but I’m ready to move on from the Middle East. There’s a lot […]

Charly & Ben go west

Last year for my last birthday, Charly and I spent a week in California exploring Yosemite National Park. I sadly never made a post about it! This year for Charly’s birthday we went out west again, but this time to Nevada, Arizona, and Utah to visit National Parks out there. The photos in this post […]

Cambody Bag

Today I had the scariest tuk-tuk ride of my life. We arrived in Sihanoukville alright after about 12 hours of buses. I’m actually staying outside of town at Mushroom Point hostel on Otres Beach though, and had the scariest tuk-tuk ride of my life getting out here. As usual, our bus was greeted by a […]


In the interest in getting a post up about what I’ve done, and not getting too bogged down in backstory to report, here is a picture post and a rough outline of my trip. I arrived in Bangkok 10/10 where I could have taken a taxi to the popular Khao San backpacking area (or an […]


Our last full day in Egypt was spent in Alexandria, a port city Northwest of Cairo. Feeling a little lazy, Karol and I didn’t leave for the train station until 10am. We arrived at 10:15 only to find out that the next train wasn’t until noon, and that the train wouldn’t get us into Alexandria […]

More Things I’ve Learned

Well, I’ve made it out of the fire and into the flood. (Tangentially, if you’re ever in the market for air travel in the Middle East, I highly recommend Etihad Airways.) In the seven hours that I’ve been in Bangkok I’ve had lunch, cut my hair, gotten a massage, bought contacts, had linner, and purchased […]

Cairo Cabs

Today’s been a lazy day. We all stayed up too late last night and my stomach’s upset today so we’re just killing time in the hostel until we catch our 10pm train tonight. I did venture out once to buy potato chips (the only thing I could think about eating without wanting to throw up), […]