About Me


I’m Ben.

I created this site as a journal to record my travels, and as a venue to share my experiences with my friends, family, and (former) colleagues.

It started as a record of my 3.5 month trip to Israel, Petra in Jordan, Egypt, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. I then used it to document my cycling team’s time in France spectating the Tour de France and riding our bikes. After that, it was to chronicle my time in Central America. Now it’s a blog about my experiences living in Tel Aviv.

For a list of what I brought on the first trip, see this post. I tried to keep things to a minimum, though there are people out there who travel with even less.

Please forgive my excessive use of vignette in photographs early on. That setting on my camera also boosted contrast and saturation at a time before I understood even basic photo editing, so I used it a lot.


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  1. Wish you the best. I have a friend in the UAE – – at least he had been in the UAE. I am confirming that he is still there. IF so, I will post his contact info since he is an American ex-pat working there as an attorney for a multinational real estate developer. He probably knows people who can help out in Egypt or Jordan should something happen, which he hope will not, of course. luvya, daad


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