Been a while

Hello world!

Still here. Figure there’s no time like now to start posting again. After months of being Covid-trapped in a shutdown city, we caved and bought a car. It’s been great – we’ve put just shy of 1,000 miles on it in the first 3 weeks we’ve had it.

RVA & Asheville


We walked nearly 12 miles on our last day in Richmond. Because of that we don’t have many photos!

We started out touring the Governor’s mansion. It’s the oldest still-lived-in Governor’s mansion in the US and is on the grounds of the state capitol. We also took a tour of the capitol, which was designed by Thomas Jefferson.

After lunch downtown, we walked ~3.5 miles along the river to Maymont, “a 100-acre Victorian estate and public park in Richmond, Virginia. It contains Maymont Mansion, now a historic house museum, an arboretum, formal gardens, a carriage collection, native wildlife exhibits, a nature center, and Children’s Farm.”

The home was incredible and our tour guide was great. The Dooleys, who built the house, were childless so they donated the home, furnishings, outbuildings and grounds to the city for the public to enjoy. It’s a great resource for the city.

We also found a dinosaur:


After dinner and a movie to kill some time before our midnight bus to Charlotte, NC, we hung out in the always-classy Greyhound terminal:


By 7am we were in Charlotte!

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Richmond, Virginia


In the two years since I last posted, a lot has changed. Notably I rode my second double century, moved back into Boston proper, got married, and started working as a software engineer. Not necessarily in that order.

Right now Charly and I are in Richmond, VA exploring the city and surrounding areas.

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Stagecoach 400 – Day 2

SC400 Day 2

SC400 Day 2 - Details

Day 2 is co-authored by Morgan; many photos are from him as well

It’s important to begin our recap of day two by starting with night one. While sitting around the hot tub Morgan set our expectations for the next day’s riding – in particular, that there would be about 1,000ft of climbing throughout the ~60mi day. This seemed reasonable since the elevation profile we had seen online went downhill. And since it was the climbing (and uphill push-biking) the day before that was the biggest mood killer, we were banking on day two being better.

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