There’s now less than 1 month until I leave. We just moved into our new apartment, so things have been kind of hectic. I still have a few more things I need to get for my trip, most notably a netbook.

Since most of my trip to Israel will be organized, I’ve started researching Egypt to get a sense of how it works and what the must-see sites are. After Birthright I plan to visit Jordan and get my Egypt visa, but not really spent much more time in Israel itself.
Approximate travel breakdown:

8/30 – Bus from Boston to NYC.
8/31 – NYC to Israel
8/31 – 9/11 – Birthright trip
9/11 – ~9/17 – Visit Elinor in Israel, Petra in Jordan, and acquire Egyptian visa.
~9/18 – Cross from Eilat into Cairo to meet up with Karol.
10/9 – Flight from Cairo to BKK or Kuala Lumpur (need to decide on this soon)
10/20 – Cait arrives 🙂
10/20 – 10/28 – Tour Thailand
10/29 – Thailand to Angkor Wat
10/30 – 11/3 – Angkor Wat
11/4 – Return to BKK
11/5 – Cait leaves 😦
11/5 – 12/18 – Explore Southeast Asia. No itinerary yet
12/19 – Fly home

Just 3.5 weeks left at work. We’re starting to interview possible replacements today, with the goal that I’ll have at least a week to train them before I leave. Between the move, work, finalizing trip details, my father visiting, my grandparents visiting, and all the regular summer activities, August is shaping up to be an exceptionally busy month.

Bring it on!


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