There’s free wireless at the airport in Kiev. We’re about 10 minutes from boarding our flight to Israel. The Ukrainian national airline is about what you’d expect (i.e. no movies on a 9 hour flight), and the service was commensurate with a Soviet state. Surprisingly I’m not yet tired.

I’m trying to take pictures along the way, and will upload more when I have time.



  1. By now you should have arrived in Israel. I hope you love it as much as we did, even though you have been there before. This seems to be the right time to appreciate the jewish state. You were too young at 13 to feel the vibrancy of this wonderful country. In speaking to Hannah, she said if she spoke Hebrew, she would like to have stayed. It was great seeing you and will miss you while you’re gone. Stay safe and keep blogging!
    Love, NANNY


  2. I assume you are experiencing your first real Shabbat in a very long time… relax and enjoy the tradition of 2000 years! I’m reading Sen Joe Lieberman’s new book, The Gift of Rest – about Sabboth. Very interesting – especially when you think that Pops sent it to me! Be well. Shabbat shalom.


  3. Just read about the 400,000 people who were out protesting in Israel. . . must have felt like Washington, DC in your high school days when you got to attend the marches.


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