I’m still alive

Dinner’s in 5 minutes but I wanted to let you know I’m still alive. One of our Israeli tour guides set up her phone as a hot spot so I was able to jump on. Still alive, doing well, sleeping little, dancing a lot, seeing tons, eating more salad breakfasts than I ever want to see again for the rest of my life. We’re super busy and haven’t had internet connections for a few days, and I don’t know when we will again. I have an incredible number of pictures to post once I find the time/wireless to do it. Hope everything’s well back home.


One Comment

  1. Maybe now would be a good time to add eggs to your diet. You are missing out on the best yogurt I’ve ever had. I hate the fact that you’re having to eat so much salad, but the Israeli one is very good. No cous-cous? I worry about you finding stuff to eat, but surprised at Israel. I suppose there are lots of vegetarians but not many vegans. Love, love you.


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