Tel Aviv

Well, Birthright is over. Last night was our final celebration, which included a talent show and a lot of dancing. It’s 11am here in Tel Aviv and I’m sitting at a hostel about 3 blocks from the ocean having been up for over 26 hours now.

Like I said before, I have a lot of pictures and stories to update you with. Except now there’s even more. A lot more. One of my talents last night was putting together a chronological slide show of pictures I took on the trip, so I’ll work on getting that up here on the site. I’m hoping to spend some time relaxing and getting stuff sorted out today (after i nap) and tomorrow, because Tuesday we leave for Petra and from Petra I leave for Cairo. Things seem tense there at the moment, so I’ll be keeping my eye on the situation. If it gets worse, you may find me updating from Asian much sooner than expected.



  1. Ben – Happy to hear Stage One of your Tour d’Monde went well. Looking forward to the photos. Hard to tell from US coverage of Egypt if it’s merely a Tel Aviv/Cairo ‘thing’ or a much larger issue. Being an American entering from Israel certainly adds to the level of complexity. Anyway, glad you are following developments there; be safe; travel well; and continue to have a great time. luvya, daad


  2. Well, what’s the verdict on Birthrite and Israel? You didn’t mention whether you enjoyed the experience or not, but maybe you are too tired to go into detail. Keep your eye on Cairo and decide wisely. Anxious to see pics.
    Love, NANNY


  3. It feels trite to say it, but Birthright was an amazing experience. I’m hoping to take some time today to write about it, but I want to make a post about each individual day since so much happened. Keep your eyes on the site in the next few days.


  4. Ben, thanks for the update. DId you enjoy the trip & people you traveled with? Glad you’re keeping your eye on Cairo – does not look good for us Jews. Please be careful. Love, mom


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