Wadi Moussa

We’ve made it to Wadi Moussa, the town at Petra.

We got a ride with Dror, an Israeli student and former soldier that was one of 8 Israelis to join our trip for 5 days, from his house on the northern end of Tel Aviv to the central bus station. The bus from Tel Aviv to Eilat was about 5 hours. We got falafel (for me) and shwarma (Amanda) in Eilat, then took a taxi to the weirdest border crossing I’ve ever experienced. From the border we took a 140kmh death taxi across the desert to a hostel just 15 minutes from Petra.

We’re in a dorm room with an American named Lisa from Staten Island, and the wife of the hostel owner is apparently making us bagged lunches to bring into the park tomorrow since the only other food there is from 5* hotels.

I’m a bit surprised but exceedingly happy that we made it this far today and without any issues.

Tomorrow in Petra!


Lunch in Eilat

Border crossing no-man's-land

Our death taxi

Faisel, our driver and a very funny guy



  1. Great story.. . looking at your huge smiling face in the final picture I wonder if the caption “Faisel, our driver and a very funny guy” identifies only one person in the picture – – or all three of you!


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