Petra Pics

Petra was awesome. I didn’t do any research about the area before going, so I was amazed at the scale. Most people think of the Treasury (the first building seen through the valley you walk through to enter the site) when they think of Petra, but there is so so much more to be seen.

Amanda and I arrived around 7:30 and stayed until 2:30, walking and climbing almost non-stop. We saw a ton, but missed just as much more. I had bought a two day ticket, including a ticket for Petra by Night, intending to return the next day, but between walking with Amanda during the day and walking back at night, I was so exhausted and my feet were so sore that I didn’t think I could manage a second day.

I ended up catching a 7am bus into Aqaba the next day with a girl from the hostel so I could spend the day relaxing by the beach instead. I don’t regret my decision, but it would be nice to go back one day to see the rest.



  1. Ben, your photos are truly beautiful, and that’s just on a small computer screen. I didn’t know anything about Petra either – looks fascinating. Love, Mom


  2. Thanks! It really is an incredible place, especially when you realize that the most fanciful ‘buildings’ often have barely more than a room or two inside – they’re mostly just facades! It’s surprising to me that they would create something so incredible but have hardly any practical use for it.


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