1. Ben – Heard back from Marc Meunier after updating him on the completion of the Israeli portion of your trip. Thought I should share. Keep posting the pics! daad

    “Hi David – Good to hear Ben enjoyed his time in Israel! I actually had a quick trip to Egypt 10 days ago – Unfortunately, can’t provide much insight as it was one of those Airport-Hotel-Meeting back to Airport in less than 24hrs. It was also on the outskirts of Cairo.

    Form my limited experience, there did not seem to be too much tension when commuting back and forth and the airport appeared very safe.
    I am sure that, as long he stays clear of Tahiri square, and the usual areas for protesters (near embassies, etc…), he’ll be fine and have a great experience!

    I’ll check out Ben’s blog to keep up with the trip – in the meantime, I am only an email or phone call away (971 50 107 1826) and have a few Egyptian friends in Dubai, so if any questions/issues, etc….please tell Ben not to hesitate to ask.”


  2. We went to the museum at Tahrir Square today. There was a ton of security, and I think as long as we stay away on Fridays (their day off and the typical protest day) we’ll be fine.


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