1. Leave it to you, Ben, to procure such luxurious accomodations! You’re looking thin – EAT, EAT, EAT!! Love ya, and glad you’re leaving Egypt.


  2. Nanny – I was on the felucca for two days with no chance to shave, but you’re right, I’m growing my sideburns back out. Maybe not quite as bad as they were, though.

    Doug – Good eye. I had some pictures of the whole bridge but they were messed up by something in front of the lens.

    Mom – I’d love to eat more, but at some point the idea of eating more falafel or koshury is worse than just going hungry. I missed dinner last night and had a bag of chips and some peanuts over the next 24 hours because we were on trains and buses for most of it. We’re in Dahab now though, and there seems to be much better food options.


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