Goodbye Egypt!

Egypt is over. Tomorrow morning I board a plane via Abu Dhabi to Bangkok. I have a few more things to post from here, but as far as travels go Egypt is now complete.

It will be sad saying bye to Karol but I’m ready to move on from the Middle East. There’s a lot to look forward to in Asia (better food, PADI certifications?, Cait!) and I’m definitely excited for the change!



  1. Fly well! Clayton and Jimmy Jackson both wanted me to tell you they got your post cards and were very appreciative (well, at least Jimmy said the last part!).


  2. Enjoy Bangkok. Crazy place but and the food is awesome. We really enjoyed getting around on the klongs and seeing various parts of the city. I still am amazed at how much water and canals are part of that city. We just got your Petra/Egypt postcard today. Claudio and Matteo were thrilled as well, even more so that it was something that was seen in Indiana Jones (Groan!). We’re still working on their cultural development.
    As you said, too bad we’re no longer in SE Asia. We’d have loved to come visit you or had you over. In Vietnam, we enjoyed Hoi An quite a bit. Not sure how touristy it is now, but it was a former Japanese trading outpost and much of the architecture is still there. Also one of the few places that wasn’t wiped out in the war. I’ve also been to Hanoi and found it really interesting, particularly the streets that all have vendors selling the same thing. So you go down pot street (the cooking utensil and not the horticultural product), flag street, industrial solvent street and whatever else they’re selling.Vietnam is such an incredibly young country and I’ve found the people to be really open and friendly. Enjoy!


  3. Thanks for the tips! Vietnam was actually low on the list of places I thought I wanted to visit, but a number of people who have been have told me they loved it, so I’ll definitely make sure I get out there.

    If they only associate Petra with Indiana Jones, then you probably shouldn’t show the boys this picture

    We’re heading from Koh Tao to Krabi tonight, then back to Bangkok (fingers crossed it’s not flooded out) then on to Chiang Mai and Angkor Wat. Let me know if Indiana Jones was ever there, and I’ll be sure to send another card!


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