Well, That Was Interesting

Lost and alone after dark last night in the Thai jungle in flip flops with a bleeding foot, no flashlight, $4, and no idea how to get back. Scarier than the 20m cliff jump that morning.

I’m fine (and my foot’s been bandaid-ed). I’ll post a lengthier update when I have time.



  1. Soooooo glad you are aok…..The jump sounds exhilarating, the lost part….not so much…..sounds like you had a jam packed day…….Cait is probably boarding the bus to NYC and will be joining you soon!! Be safe Ben!!!!!


  2. A grandmother shouldn’t know those things!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness you’re okay. What happened to that cautious little boy I used to know?


  3. Oh I know this post “What is a way to make your family who reads this blog panic?” lol, just kidding, sort of. Glad you are ok and can’t wait to hear the story


  4. Enough about you, let’s hear about the food. You should be able to eat like a pharoah (kinding of mixing trip metaphors here) on four dollars!


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