Change of Plans

A decision to err on the side of caution has brought about a change in plans, and Cait and I are now sitting outside our bungalow on Koh Phi Phi island, not in Bangkok or Cambodia. Of all the places to get “stuck,” I guess this one’s not so bad.

The flooding situation in Bangkok is growing increasingly severe, with a significant lack of drinking water and nonperishable foodstuffs, as well as a mass exodus of residents from the city. Given the uncertainty of even getting to Bangkok, let alone staying dry, finding running and non-fully-booked transit (floods + special 5 day holiday + thousands fleeing), and then of actually being able to travel out of the city on non-flooded roads, we have opted to stay in southern Thailand where the flooding has had no effect. It was not an easy decision, and we are both disappointed we won’t be able to see Angkor Wat together. But we figured some guaranteed time on the beaches was better than possibly being stuck in the deluged capital city without food or water.

We took the ferry this morning from Railey to Koh Phi Phi for an uncertain number of days. We have no set plans, but may go diving tomorrow and then head off to Kao Sok national park for some jungle trekking. (This time during the day. in shoes. with water. and a light. and money. and a map.)

Cait’s flight home is scheduled for next week, so we’re watching the news closely and crossing our fingers that she’ll be able to make it out as scheduled. I’ll keep you updated. And will post pictures someday – I promise.



  1. Ben – I am sure every one of yours and Cait’s family who reads this post will have the same response I did – – a big sigh of relief. We’ve heard about the flooding and weren’t sure what impact it is having on you two. Thanks for letting us all know that it has, but that you’re erring on the side of safety. Angkor Wat is awesome, but if you guys don’t get to see it now it should still be around for the next few decades, at least. Enjoy your time at the beach.


  2. Dave is 100% correct…. it was a big sigh of relief!!!! We are thankful for the updates of your journey and your safety. Right now your beach sounds much more inviting than our snow!!! You and Cait treasure every moment. Love to both of you.


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