Thailand Pictures – Picking Up Cait & Back to Railey

Sorry for so many pictures but time is running short before the bus so I put a whole bunch together.

Cait and I visited the Grand Palace in Bangkok before heading back to Railey (I loved it there and thought she would, too).

We successfully found the lagoon in the middle of the mountain that I had failed to find the time before (it was awesome; the rain when trying to climb out made things a bit scary though), went on another DWS trip, and went rock climbing on a picturesque beach next to the penis cave (see photo below). 50 points to whoever first spots Cait on the cliff in the photo before the man cutting fruit. Also note my aerial acrobatics in the larger versions of the two pictures following him.

We’re heading back to Bangkok now from Kao Sok National Park. I need to get my infected toe checked out by a medical professional (and hopefully get antibiotics) and then Cait flies out on the 5th. Updates on Koh Phi Phi and our Kao Sok lake trip when I’m next online!



  1. Thanks for the updates… glad to hear that once again you have cheated death. Now let’s hope the toe infection doesn’t do you in! Enjoy the rest of the time with Cait. luvya, daad


  2. Great pictures!!! Happy to hear you and Cait are enjoying every minute!! I want the the next blog to be that your toe has been seen, treated, and on the mend!!!!! I found Cait in the cliff……looks like she’s right at home in the hollow of the cliff!!


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