So apparently I’ve been in Thailand for a month?

I totally lost track of time and didn’t realize until this morning that I’ve been here a month now. Which is a problem, since my visa expires tomorrow.

I took a train to Chiang Mai last night instead of the bus thinking it would be an interesting and different experience. It certainly was. A four hour late, absolutely freezing experience that got me into town at 1am. Luckily I found a room a pretty good room for cheap.

But instead of spending tomorrow mountain biking, it looks like I’ll spend the day driving to Burma to cross the border and cross back in order to get a new, 2 week visa. I hadn’t even thought about my visa since initially Cait and I were to go to Cambodia, which would give me a new visa when I returned. But since that didn’t happen, I’ve now run out of time.

On the upside, I’m close enough to the border that it’s only a day trip, and I’ll be able to add another country to my list (if only for an hour or two).



  1. Ok, just checking in. 4 days since your posting that you were going from Thailand to Burma. . . Were you walking there?


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