Travels With Cait, Cont’d

After Railey, Cait and I took a boat to Koh Phi Phi. After the laid-back, paradisaical nature of Railey, KPP felt like spring break. So we didn’t stay long. We went on a long hike to a couple view points and a secluded beach through the woods, and went kayaking to Monkey Beach during a rain storm (so no pictures, or monkeys), but our stay was short and otherwise we didn’t do much.

From KPP, where I discovered the scratch on my toe had turned green and smelled like shrimp, we went to Kao Sok National Park. We stayed at a very cute hotel and took a one day Lake Trip where we went swimming, had lunch at a hotel of floating raft houses, and hiked to a cave with a river running through it.

From Kao Sok we returned to BKK where I went to the hospital and got the ol’ Bangkok Toe Jam performed with a pair of scissors and no anesthesia (it’s weird watching them cut off your skin) and Cait did some shopping before flying out.



  1. Spoke to Cait to hear about her trip and see how you were doing – food, toe, etc! So glad to hear she had a great time and you had gotten meds. Love you. mom


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