Travels With Cait, Cont’d

After Railey, Cait and I took a boat to Koh Phi Phi. After the laid-back, paradisaical nature of Railey, KPP felt like spring break. So we didn’t stay long. We went on a long hike to a couple view points and a secluded beach through the woods, and went kayaking to Monkey Beach during a rain storm (so no pictures, or monkeys), but our stay was short and otherwise we didn’t do much.

From KPP, where I discovered the scratch on my toe had turned green and smelled like shrimp, we went to Kao Sok National Park. We stayed at a very cute hotel and took a one day Lake Trip where we went swimming, had lunch at a hotel of floating raft houses, and hiked to a cave with a river running through it.

From Kao Sok we returned to BKK where I went to the hospital and got the ol’ Bangkok Toe Jam performed with a pair of scissors and no anesthesia (it’s weird watching them cut off your skin) and Cait did some shopping before flying out.

6 thoughts on “Travels With Cait, Cont’d

  1. Spoke to Cait to hear about her trip and see how you were doing – food, toe, etc! So glad to hear she had a great time and you had gotten meds. Love you. mom

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