I’m Baaaaaa-aaaaack!

Made it back to the states.

Predictions: Slight nerve damage due to an inability to appropriately dress for cold weather, and rapid weight loss resulting from an indignant refusal to pay Western prices for food that “I could get for $1 in Thailand.”


  1. Silly man, you were always indignant about your food choices here, just not about the prices. Welcome back to the first world and it’s problems. 🙂 We need to go for lunch when you catch up on your jet lag in a week or so.


  2. Welcome back honey. No more scary tuk-tuk rides, monkey bites or getting lost in the jungle, than goodness. Now you only have to deal with those awful Boston drivers. No worry about getting too thin–Cait will surely fatten you up. Can’t wait to see you. We’ll go Hanukkah shopping when you get here.
    Love, NANNY


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