Totally Spent

I have a bunch of great pictures from yesterday’s ride (well, at least until it started pouring rain and we had to descend 12+ switchbacks in the freezing rain), but I am so exhausted from today’s ride I can barely think.

Ride DetailsWe rode to Col du Glandon and Col de la Croix de Fer this morning, and then ended up on Col du Mollard for lunch, before turning around and doing it all backward. Col du Glandon and the ride to it is beautiful, through other-worldly meadows that look straight out of a Lord of The Rings movie. Unfortunately I didn’t bring a camera.

It was by far our longest day in distance as well as toughest day of climbing (and most vertical ascending).  I forgot sunscreen, which was a terrible idea over 9.5 hours in the sun at this altitude, but the ride was totally worth it.

I’ve been doing nothing but eating since we got back to the house, and plan to take tomorrow off to rest my knees. We’re also desperately in need of groceries, which staying 1/3 of the way up a mountain and not having a car make extremely difficult to sufficiently remedy. We might need to call a taxi…


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