San Pedro, in Pictures

I’ve been in San Pedro, Guatemala since Clay left. Last Monday I started Spanish classes ($105 for 20 hours) and have been mostly hanging out and relaxing since.

On New Year’s, I danced at the party at my hostel until 3am, got to sleep at 4, and was up by 10 to move to a new hostel.

Since then it’s been pretty quiet, studying Spanish and exploring town. There are a TON of hippies in town as an after-effect of Cosmic Convergence, but the Guatemalans from Guate City that were here for New Year’s have mostly left.

I have one more week of classes (now for $65 for 20 hours with a private teacher), and then I’ll head northeast to the islands of Honduras or Belize.

Below are some photos from the last week or so. Most are captioned, and if you click on one you can navigate through a slideshow.



  1. Awesome pics…mountain shots/scenery is fabulous. Are those the women you danced with New Year’s Eve, ha??? Don’t they have any young ladies where you are đŸ™‚ And,where’s the “signature spread eagle” shot? Have fun, be safe and keep the pics coming!!


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