My First Video Blog

I had some time on a walk from Santa Cruz to Merida (both still on the island of Ometepe), and figured I’d try a new style of blog update. Apologies for the video quality – I think it’s a combination of my camera, slow computer, and unreliable internet connection.



  1. That was fantastic and I loved hearing your voice. You sure chose the right winter to do this trip. You’re missing one storm after another. Loving you and wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day.


  2. Amazing! Your blog has been a nice, consistent escape from the cold and icy. Keep doing it right! Thank you from the frigid north, some 2400 miles and 90 degrees F away from you.


    1. Glad to hear it, Ted! I hope your winter’s not been as bad as Boston’s (though it sounds like the whole Northeast is getting slammed!). If you’re looking for a break in the next month or two, give a shout – it looks like I will still be here!


  3. Great to hear your voice, honey, and to hear about some of your adventures. I’m soo jealous hearing about all the beautiful natural sights you are seeing – absolutely gorgeous! Stay safe, keep in touch — LOVE YOU!!!


    1. Love you too Mom! The offer to Ted stands for you as well – if you want to meet me in Colombia a former coworker’s brothers opened a BnB somewhere down there.


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