Ometepe – The Final Update

SONY DSCThis will be my last update from Ometepe.

Tonight is night 9 on Ometepe. Considering I came here only because I didn’t want to go to San Juan Del Sur first, and figured I’d be here for 2-3 days max, I consider the island a success.

I’ve met my favorite people of the trip here, found a really good mix of activities and relaxation, locals and tourists, and nature and infrastructure. Sure, it’s easy to get sucked in here because of the difficulty getting around the island an working with the ferry schedule, but still – there’s something magical about Ometepe.

Today’s my last day, though. Tomorrow night is one of two boats off the island to the town of San Carlos, a town at the southeast edge of the lake and at the mouth of a river that leads to Costa Rica. The only bus from Merida is at 8:30 am though, so we’ll spend ~10 hours sitting around Altagracia waiting for the night boat (which is another 9 hrs) to San Carlos.

Nicaragua has been great, but I’m looking to keep moving. I met some cool Canadian girls that I hope to meet up with in Costa Rica on Sunday, and then I’ll power through the country on my way to Panama.

In the last few days I rented a bicycle, hiked to Merida, hiked to a waterfall, watched beautiful sunsets, swam in a lake, saw a dog get run over in front of her babies 😦 , and found soy meat at a comedor (yes, really!). Ometepe, you’re great, and I’ll miss you.



    1. I do my best to avoid getting into any shit 😉

      It’s impossible at night though, since there’s no lights and everyone walks their horses and cows down the middle of the road. Also dangerous in flip-flops….


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