1. Great photos! Have you started working yet? Do you like it so far? I love the casual dress and laid back life style that many of the Israelis live…

    Have a great time and get a job when it’s all done, ha!! I know you will do great. jack


    1. Thanks, Jack!

      Work starts Tuesday. Today is a free day since it’s Shabbat, but tomorrow is a volunteer day (I’ll be at the ASPCA) and Monday I’m going to a tech conference herr in Tel Aviv.

      I like Tel Aviv a lot so far. It’s pretty brutally hot here, but the beach is 10 minutes away and the sky is clear and beautiful every day. It’s a super easy city to navigate by bike (i am NOT riding on the sidewalk like everyone else here seems to) and I’ve already gotten a membership to one of the local rock climbing gyms.


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