Haifa For The Weekend

20141121_120358Last weekend, a few us up took a trip up to Haifa to get away and explore.



20141121_120813My friend Shani’s parents live in Haifa, and they were kind enough to let us stay while they were gone for the weekend.

Haifa is situated along the coast, but rises up a significant hill as well. Their apartment is a significant distance up the significant hill on the third floor, and as such had some great views.


20141121_120634They also had some great art that reminded me of something I might see grandparents’ home.


20141122_163914AND RUMMIKUB! I had completely forgotten the game existed until we were digging around looking for cards and came across the box. 3/5 of us had played it with our grandparents growing up, and I’ve since met even more folks on the program who did the same. Must be a Jewish grandparent thing.


20141121_123832We arrived early Friday afternoon, and immediately left to prepare for Shabbat.

Not that we were observing it, but without being familiar with the city and what would be open on Shabbat, we didn’t want to risk it. First stop was falafel and shwarma for everyone else since they were hungry.


20141121_131551Next stop was the grocery store for stuff for dinner. Also for a sexy hat for Rafi.


20141121_134808I snapped this photo on our walk back right before it started pouring rain. One of the really cool things about Haifa is that the hill is covered in unique and hidden staircases that allow you to avoid the snaking, indirect paths of the roads.


cookingI cooked stir fry for everyone. Anyone who knows me should not be surprised that it was stir fry.



Family dinner


20141122_114325The next day was overcast again, but I managed to snap a pretty great photo of the view from their living room.



~~*JuST GiRLy THiNGS*~~

We woke up kind of late (okay, I woke up kind of late), but decided to try to visit the Baha’i gardens since most of us hadn’t been before. Unfortunately, we messed up getting to the top of the gardens so we decided to walk to the bottom instead.



Really interesting sign we saw along the way



Looking up the road at the gardens


20141122_124349It was much more crowded than the last time I went, but it was cool to see the lower garden again.



Rafi, Alex, Louisa, Shani, Some Guy





Then we had lunch at Abu Shaker, an amazing hummus restaurant. We did not finish our plates.


20141122_140013To walk off lunch, we made our way to Kartel the collectively run music and art venue I saw a punk show at last time. They had added an incredible amount of graffiti to the side of the building, and everyone was really excited about the idea of coming back for a show some week.



20141122_141038From Kartel, it was a 35 minute hike back up to the house where we hung out, I made some pasta and steamed veggies, and we packed up to head home.


20141122_195800On the way back I sat near a teenager holding a grenade launcher-equipped assault rifle.

And two fluffy white dogs.



  1. Guess you don’t do turkey day, or in your case, Tofurkey. We have only 4 of us this year–Mom, Clayton, Kelsey and me. We’ll miss you. Love.


    1. Thanks, Nanny! You’re right – Thanksgiving isn’t a thing here. Instead, over this weekend our program took us to Ein Gedi for some hiking, swimming in the Dead Sea, and a dialogue seminar with 58 Israeli peers. It was a really good time, and I’ll make a post about it soon.

      Miss you, too!


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