A Summer & Fall Recap


Time for a quick update on what I’ve been doing this summer and fall.

imageOur office took a boat cruise for employee appreciation day.

imageI celebrated summer with a barbecue.

imageI found a flower whose name reflects my disposition.

imageI took a day trip to explore Wompatuck State Park.

imageI toured Downeast Cider company, which is located beneath a bridge.

imageI played minigolf inside the largest arcade in the world.

imageWe biked up to Salem to go exploring.

imageAnd pose.

imageAnd pose.

imageAnd explore an old Chinese house.

imageAnd visit the beach.

imageI went to a haunted house. (Technically 5)

imageI biked to Nahant.

imageAnd explored old ruins in Nahant.

12038993_989589571104920_73875753214210362_oAnd climbed rocks in Nahant.

imageAnd tried not to die in Nahant.

12068832_989589574438253_8999542903504467257_oAnd found caves in Nahant.

imageI explored fake bathrooms at the Museum of Science.

imageAnd space ships at the Museum of Science.

imageI experienced the start of fall.

imageAnd went to the Ren Faire.

imageAnd saw weird looking people at the Ren Faire.

imageAnd looked weird at the Ren Faire.

imageAnd picked apples.

imageAnd found Charly in a box.

And went for a beautiful hike in the White Mountains.
(My phone automatically made the video, which is why it says “Yesterday.”)

imageI also started a semester-long bladesmithing class at MassArt. We’re making Damascus steel (pattern welded) knives. I am really, really excited about this class. We’re about halfway through and I am documenting my process. It will be the subject of a separate post once my knife is complete.



    1. Thanks, Jack. Tried to stay busy after hurting my knee and not riding. I didn’t even post about the weekend I spent camping on an island in Boston Harbor!


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