Italy has been a blast. I’ve ridden every day for the past 9 days, so I’m taking today off as a rest day.


It’s been great having a homebase in Bergamo, even if the locals we talk to all express incredulity at our decision to stay here instead of somewhere ‘nicer’.

The riding here has felt more difficult than when we were in France in 2013, but that’s mostly due to it being hotter, me having a heavier bike, and the time of year being ~2 months earlier in the riding season (i.e. I’m not in shape). Charly’s been doing great on her first time biking in the Alps even if it is “way more difficult” than she thought.

We have just two days left before we have to head to Milan and fly home. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for some of the guys – we want to get in our second century and most elevation gain of the trip as a final hurrah. If successful, that will put me at ~570 miles and 45,000 feet over the last 9 days, or about the distance from Boston to Greenville, North Carolina and 155% the height of Mount Everest!


Hover for captions or click for a larger photo


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  1. So envious of this marvelous trip, but I was there in spirit. Could have skipped the big mountain climb, however. No mention of food. How are the Italians with Vegans?


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