3 Days in Angkor Wat – Cambodia


A great video capturing the uniqueness that is Angkor Wat. Definitely makes me miss my travels.

“Some footages from my visit at Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Shot on 3 days in February 2012.
Music credit: beautifil song by Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson (“Build a Home”).


I’m Okay!

Getting three emails in 24 hours from both parents and your grandmother asking if you’re still alive is usually a pretty good indication it’s time to update your blog. This post is going to be very photo heavy. Apologies in advance.

Phnom Penh & Back to Bangkok

The last (real) stop on my trip was the Cambodian city of Phnom Penh. It had been described by a friend as “Cambodian capital/sh*tpile,” so I was a little hesitant about saving it for last (didn’t want to end on a sour note and all that) but it ended up being not that bad. Yes, […]


Kampot was great. My first day was really just a half day, and I spent it wandering the city. I confirmed that if you own a Lexus in Cambodia you are legally required to get really large “Lexus” decals along both sides of your vehicle.* And I discovered that you really, really do not want […]


After surviving the tuk-tuk ride from hell, I spent most of the next day on Otres beach. Thomas and I walked an hour and fifteen minutes long the beach into Sihanoukville where we randomly ran into friends. (We knew they were there, but did not expect to just pass them in a restaurant eating breakfast.) […]

Angkor Wat

Long story short, the bus into Cambodia was over 3 hours late; the A/C broke 3 times (necessitating a sweltering stop on the side of the road each time to ‘fix’ it); I witnessed a one-armed man intentionally kick a puppy at a rest stop; we were moved onto a second, crap bus after being […]

Vientiane & Don Det

After Vang Vieng I spent a day in Vientiane. The capital of Laos, I had heard it didn’t actually have much to see but I didn’t want to go home having never stopped by. There truly wasn’t much to do, so we took the public bus out of town (an experience in its own right) […]


I’m sick, in a way that prevents me from going out and doing much, for the first time on the trip. Hopefully it’s just a bad reaction to something I ate, but it does mean I’ll be leaving for Laos a day later than intended. I’ve also decided to not visit Vietnam. With only one […]


So apparently I’ve been in Thailand for a month? I totally lost track of time and didn’t realize until this morning that I’ve been here a month now. Which is a problem, since my visa expires tomorrow. I took a train to Chiang Mai last night instead of the bus thinking it would be an […]

Change of Plans

A decision to err on the side of caution has brought about a change in plans, and Cait and I are now sitting outside our bungalow on Koh Phi Phi island, not in Bangkok or Cambodia. Of all the places to get “stuck,” I guess this one’s not so bad. The flooding situation in Bangkok […]