San Pedro, in Pictures

I’ve been in San Pedro, Guatemala since Clay left. Last Monday I started Spanish classes ($105 for 20 hours) and have been mostly hanging out and relaxing since. On New Year’s, I danced at the party at my hostel until 3am, got to sleep at 4, and was up by 10 to move to a […]


San Pedro la Laguna & Lanquin

Clay and I spent the next 2.5 days in San Pedro la Laguna. It’s a pretty small town on the lake, and has become something of a destination for hippie ex-pats. It’s also a great place to learn Spanish, and is probably where I will return for new years and a week of classes.

The Dangers of Central America

When first planning my trip to Central America, I knew I’d be visiting Guatemala, but that’s it. Clay and I were meeting in Guatemala City, and then traveling the country for 2.5 weeks together. I didn’t know where I was going after that. So most of my research was focused on that country. One thing […]

I’m Okay!

Getting three emails in 24 hours from both parents and your grandmother asking if you’re still alive is usually a pretty good indication it’s time to update your blog. This post is going to be very photo heavy. Apologies in advance.

Catching Up

Let’s see how caught up we can get before my boat leaves in 45 minutes. It’s been about a week since my last significant post. Since that time I finished classes in San Pedro, visited some friends across the lake in Panajachel, and took a series of buses through Antigua and Guatemala City to Rio […]

Xela to Lago Atitlan Hike, Days 2 & 3

Day 2 My journal from day 2: Up at 6am to church bells. Rice, beans +  “tortugas” for breakfast @ local family. Puppies. 10:16 up record hill (best client time). Shoe untied. Lunch nap. Stepped in poop. “Salem” – Israeli metal band. Beers in small town; store in courtyard. Sunset. Church karaoke. Don Pedro’s home […]

Volcan Pacaya

The next morning, Sunday, we got up at the asscrack of dawn for the 1 3/4hr drive from Antigua to Volcan Pacaya, one of the many active volcanoes in the area. The park entrance is a building in a small town where gringos pay a park fee – after being rented walking sticks for $0.75 […]