Pai, Thailand

I’m taking advantage of being sick to get my blog fully up to date. This is a rare occurrence, dear reader, so get excited! As mentioned earlier, I caught a public bus from Chiang Mai to Pai. We had a bit of trouble getting around a truck that was stuck trying to make it up […]


Thailand Pictures – Railey

Pictures from our time in Railey, including more photos from my deepwater soloing trip. Not pictured – my climb up a mountain and then descent into a depression in the middle, alone, with no one knowing where I was going and very real possibility of getting hurt slipping around on the mud covered cliffs. This […]

Thailand Pictures – Krabi

Krabi is a seafront town in the south of Thailand. Jenny and I stopped there en route to Railey and visited the Tiger Cave monastery. Apparently there used to be a leopard living in the cave, so now it’s named Tiger Cave temple. Go figure. Anyway, there is a climb of 1,237 steps to the […]


In the interest in getting a post up about what I’ve done, and not getting too bogged down in backstory to report, here is a picture post and a rough outline of my trip. I arrived in Bangkok 10/10 where I could have taken a taxi to the popular Khao San backpacking area (or an […]

Phnom Penh & Back to Bangkok

The last (real) stop on my trip was the Cambodian city of Phnom Penh. It had been described by a friend as “Cambodian capital/sh*tpile,” so I was a little hesitant about saving it for last (didn’t want to end on a sour note and all that) but it ended up being not that bad. Yes, […]

I’m Baaaaaa-aaaaack!

Made it back to the states. Predictions: Slight nerve damage due to an inability to appropriately dress for cold weather, and rapid weight loss resulting from an indignant refusal to pay Western prices for food that “I could get for $1 in Thailand.”

Vientiane & Don Det

After Vang Vieng I spent a day in Vientiane. The capital of Laos, I had heard it didn’t actually have much to see but I didn’t want to go home having never stopped by. There truly wasn’t much to do, so we took the public bus out of town (an experience in its own right) […]

Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is like Spring Break + Natural Paradise = Actually Pretty Cool. Most people seem to visit for the tubing. Which isn’t so much tubing as it is floating from bar to bar to bar (most never make it past the third), playing on rope swings and jumping off high-dives, and getting wasted (not […]