Wide Open Roads


On Friday, October 3rd, I rode my bike down the middle of the highway from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and back.

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Back in the saddle



I met Alon last week at Performance Rock, the rock climbing gym I have a membership to here in Tel Aviv. We connected both over climbing and also our love of cycling as a lifestyle.

Tonight he invited me to join him on a 40km route he devised that heads south through Yaffo and out of the city. There’s no good riding in the TLV metropolitan area, apparently, and even our ride tonight was entirely busy, multi-lane roads. It was also Alon’s first time on a road ride with someone else.

Despite the numerous close calls and angry drivers, we had a really good time and made it back unscathed before grabbing a beer and heading to his friend’s house to hang out on the roof for a bit.

All in all a really great night.