Stagecoach 400 – Day 3, Anza-Borrego to Anza

SC400 Day 3


SC400 Day 3 - Details

It’s hard to put day 3 into words so this post will be brief. It was the most physically and mentally challenging day I have ever had on a bike. In Morgan’s words, “It was bullshit. Hell on earth.”

(He also said he’d do it again.)

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Stagecoach 400 – Day 2

SC400 Day 2

SC400 Day 2 - Details

Day 2 is co-authored by Morgan; many photos are from him as well

It’s important to begin our recap of day two by starting with night one. While sitting around the hot tub Morgan set our expectations for the next day’s riding – in particular, that there would be about 1,000ft of climbing throughout the ~60mi day. This seemed reasonable since the elevation profile we had seen online went downhill. And since it was the climbing (and uphill push-biking) the day before that was the biggest mood killer, we were banking on day two being better.

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