Leaving Again

Time to start up the blog again.

After coming back from my Central American adventures, the job I thought I’d had at the rock climbing gym in Chicago never materialized. And as I couldn’t bring myself to sign up for another 2 or 3 years of administrative assistant work again,  I reached out to a program I was talking with before Central America.

I applied for an internship in Israel, and I got in.

This coming Sunday, after reducing my possessions to a suitcase, a carry on bag, and a bike-plus-whatever-else-fits-with-it in a bike box, I’ll board a plane for Tel Aviv.

My internship, with a small tech company in the heart of the city, is scheduled for 5 months. But by leaving my apartment and lightening my load, I’m leaving myself open to the option of staying there after my 5 months have ended.

If I do return to the states, I’m not sure where it will be. But probably not Boston. I love the city tremendously, but there’s no time like the present to get out and explore. Maybe Colorado. Maybe California. That’s a decision I’ll make when the time gets closer.

Until then, stay tuned to the blog for (what I hope will be) plenty of photos and entries about my experience in the Holy Land in a time of war. I trust they will be just as intense as security was at the local Israeli consulate!