I had pages added to my passport this morning (is it weird that I’m kind of proud that needed to happen?), but I still have a few more errands to run before Cait gets here tonight and before I can write a detailed update about Railey (and all the days between my last update and Railey (sigh…)).

In the meantime though, here are 3 pictures of my highest jump from our Deepwater Soloing trip. I outlined the route I climbed in blue, and circled myself in red in the first picture in case it’s hard to see. Our boat captain and guide, Luang, claimed it was 20 meters. I have no idea if that’s true, but I do know it was HIGH.



  1. Awesome! I could handle the climb, but someone would have to push me to get me off the wall. Hope you saved some exciting adventures for Cait. Tell her we said hi. daad


  2. huh, wuss, couldn’t climb any higher? wow, all that time in the rock gym before you left went to waste i guess. 🙂 heh. now my question is who took the photos because they rock with timing on the shots.


  3. Incredibly “scary”…got to give you credit Ben: every new blog is an adventure to learn about. Glad you are having all of those experiences!


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